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Advice for Moving with Pets

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When it’s time to move, you’re probably most focused on your family’s belongings and moving-related tasks. But what about the other members of your family? The ones with four legs and furry kisses? Your pets are very much like members of the family and if they aren’t comfortable and happy, moving can be a real struggle. Here are some tips for calming a pet during a move.

  • Keep your pet occupied and contained while moving household items out of your current residence. Doors are often propped open during a move and you don’t want to chance Fido or Boots making a run for it in all the commotion. You could even consider boarding your pet in a kennel or with a friend until the house is emptied of all it’s contents to avoid your pet getting lost, hurt, or scared during the moving process.
  • Throughout the move, make sure your pet is wearing proper identification. This will help with your emotional calm and with his safe return if he does get lost.
  • Give your pet a few familiar toys or other items to ease its concern about the unfamiliar surroundings. A “security blanket” or favorite chew-toy at this time is a wonderful thing.
  • Place your pet in a pet carrier for transport. Don’t try to hold the pet in your arms. The same concerns about infants in cars apply to pets, with the added worry that a loose pet could actually distract the driver and cause an accident.
  • Let your pet explore his new home, but from indoors at first. Once you move in, the animal will be busy exploring. Any outdoor exploration should be on a leash, including for cats.
  • Give your pet time and space. If your pet wants to hide under a sofa at first, let him. Sooner or later he will come around when he feels safe.
  • Keep the routine consistent. If you fed at specific times at the previous house, do the same at the new place.
  • Give extra affection. Your cat or dog can sense the changes in your life and may feel insecure. Reassure your pet and take advantage of the reassurance he can offer you, too.

Moving can be a wonderful time for you and your pet, if you keep organized, your pet is accounted for, and you both can relax and enjoy your new adventure together.

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