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Bad Moving Companies

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Bad Moving Companies

Avoid Hiring Bad Movers Bad Moving Companies Bad Moving Companies shutterstock 186622535Below are some of the warning signs that you should look out for. These will give you a heads up that you might be working with one of the Bad Moving Companies, so look for these signs that you should work with a particular mover or company.
Won’t Provide a Quote

Bad moving companies are everywhere and one of the telltale signs that you might be working with one is if they do not provide you with a quote upfront. They will likely give you a low price if you ask them but without a quote in writing, chances are they will find lots of little extras to tack on to your bill. A reputable mover will talk to you at length, may want to come see your home, have questions about how much stuff you are moving, and then give you a quote range.

Representatives Are Unprofessional

From the time your call is answered or you walk in the door till the time you make an agreement, the people you work with need to be professional. If they are rude or disrespectful it reflect how the other team members may also act and behave. You are trusting these people with your belongings so you want to make sure you are going to work with someone who is professional and reliable- so you do not end up with one of the many Bad Moving Companies.

Movers Arrive Late

Be flexible with this one and know that some minor delays will occur. If you live in a neighborhood with odd streets or a confusing layout to the community you live in the movers may get a little turned around. However, if the movers were supposed to be there at 10 am and it is now 11 and there has been no call from the movers, that should be a major red flag. Do not work with the Bad Moving Companies who do not treat you with respect. Bad Moving Company Signs Bad Moving Companies Bad Moving Companies shutterstock 172365980 1

Providing Services without Asking

If your mover begins working without checking in with you or starts performing tasks that you did not ask for, you need to take steps to stop it immediately. Many of the Bad Moving Companies will start performing tasks that you have not asked for or agreed to so that they can start charging you more. Do not them do this or you will end up paying dearly for it in the end.

Bad Reviews

When people have taken the time to write a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and other review sites, you need to take note. It is true that even the best company will have some bad reviews but when there are more bad than good comments, you need to consider a different company so you can avoid the Bad Moving Companies.

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