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Decluttering Tips

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Decluttering Tips For Moving

Decluttering Tips decluttering tips for moving Decluttering Tips shutterstock 136598444It is fairly common knowledge that you should declutter before you begin the process of packing for a move. This is usually easier said than done. If you are looking for some simple and practical Decluttering tips for moving, then this guide of questions that you need to ask as you start packing can help you figure out what you can keep and what you can get rid of.

Do You Use It?

If you have things in your closet, on the shelves, or in storage that you have not used- or things that you even forgot you had- there may be no point in spending time and effort moving them to your new home. You may need them one day but if it has been several years, chances are you are not going to need them anytime soon. Consider getting rid of these items, especially if they are duplicates to things you already have.

When Was the Last Time You Wore It?

Clothing is one of the primary areas where things can pile up and build up over the years.  This is one of the most commonly used of the Decluttering Tips you typically get- so be sure to follow this advice. Take a good hard look at your closet and your clothes. Those skinny jeans may be your target pants but do you really need five pairs? Also look at old fashions that might be lurking in your closet too and see where you can weed things out there too.

Is There an Emotional Attachment?

Okay, some items are kept because they remind us about people or things in our loves. It is ok to hold onto these keepsakes and the memories attached to them. But you have to make sure that there is a reason you have the memories attached to those items. Keeping the quilt grandma made, grandpa’s Make More Space with Our Decluttering Tips decluttering tips for moving Decluttering Tips shutterstock 92670784rocking chair, the flower vase that held your wedding bouquet and similar keepsakes is normal and ok but keeping every souvenir from trips or holding onto things that really do not represent or remind you of someone or something special is not a good thing. This is one of the hard Decluttering Tips to follow but is one that must be done.

Is it Expired?

Looking through the food and medications in your home is something you need to make time to do. This Decluttering Tips will help you clear out the refrigerator and freezer along with the pantry too. Throw out expired foods and be sure to use up any foods you do not want to transport. For medications go through and set out medications that are more than a year expired. Also look for old partial bottles of things like cough or cold medication. Properly dispose of medications and you can really free up room and get rid of clutter before your move.

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