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Essential Pointers on Packing

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To help make your move as painless as possible, we’ve put together these pointers on packing. These essential moving tips are the first steps in being ready for when the Neighbors Moving and Storage moving team shows up at your door.
One of the first things you’ll want to do is gather and organize your important documents. You don’t want to pack any current bills, bank statements, passports, birth certificates, important school records with the rest of your belongings. You will want to take these items with you.
You can start packing up your books. Use only small boxes in that book boxes can get very heavy very quickly. Large book boxes will only slow down the movers and the moving process.
Have your furniture, stereo and television equipment already disassembled. As you take these items apart, place any small parts in a closeable baggy and tape it to the main base. If you have the original boxes, you’ll want to use them.
Disconnect your washer and dryer ahead of time and make sure your refrigerator is emptied and defrosted the day before the move. Secure the doors so they will not open during transport.
You will need to dispose of any flammable liquids before your move. Movers are not allowed to transport any hazardous materials in a moving truck and some of these are common household items such as paint, laundry/cleaning detergents, gasoline, propane tanks, oil, etc.
This also goes for your outdoor equipment. You’ll need to make sure your lawn mower, edger and any gasoline operated machinery have been emptied of all gasoline and oil. You’ll want to wrap the blades of these items and any other power or garden tool with plenty of cushioning to prevent injury. Small tools can be placed in boxes. Long handled tools should be taped together.
Make sure you print out a copy of our moving checklist to help you through each step of your move and to make sure you are as prepared as possible for the big day.

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