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Garage Organization Tips before a Residential Move

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Planning a garage organization gives to you the benefits of owning fewer possessions and therefore you get a smooth moving process. So, in order to get started with the right foot you should first consider some tips that will help you make it simpler while you actually enjoy the process. The garage organization doesn’t need to be as painful as some make it out to be.

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Moving is a wonderful opportunity to declutter! When we are about to have a residential move it is always stressful the moment when we have to get down to business and start planning the organization of our stuff and how we are going to move it from point A to point B; as the phrase goes “easier said than done”, we cannot lie that a residential move truly can sabotage our sanity and makes us flip out thinking about the exhaustive transition we will be about to experience. That’s when you realize that for years you have been accumulating a ridiculous amount of things to the point in which you thought it was an appropriate idea to use your garage as your personal storage unit.

While some people use their garages to actually park their cars (as it is supposed to be), the majority of the Americans use their garage as a storehouse, simply to keep things that need too much space in the house, stuff they won’t get rid of because they either have a sentimental value or the classic “you never know when it will be useful” stuff.

Let’s get started!

1. Choose Garbage Pickup Day to Clean Out

This is a smart action to finish your garage cleaning system even more shortly; it will be like killing two birds with one stone. It gives you the convenience of a clean front yard, plus, you won’t be able to rescue any unuseful item you were having second thoughts about. The decluttering process might sometimes turn into an exhaustive process as long as you don’t ensure a well thought strategy for it.

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2. Get Packing Materials

This is very important before deciding to take everything out. The process is the same as the organization of any area of your interior before you move out, so you must make sure you have the proper packing materials such as cardboard boxes of different sizes, packing paper, packing tape, zip lock bags, old blankets, bubble wrap, cords, and markers to ensure a safe and productive organization.

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3. Take a Good Look at the Things in Your Garage

Begin by taking everything out of your garage, this way you will see the items you have accumulated once you begin organizing your stuff, then analyze and determine which things are the ones you haven’t used in months or years, those items are the ones that you are going to say goodbye forever, like old magazines or manuals to electronics, empty appliance boxes, empty paint cans, broken Christmas decoration, and make space for the things that are used often easily accessible.

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4. Sort Out for Category

Some people think that by “organizing” it means throwing everything away. But remember, there is always the process in which you will toss, donate or keep. This is the fun part! Start arranging small items by “useful and unuseful”. Let’s begin focusing on the unuseful stuff so you can get rid of it once and for all without being tempted to re-arrange them later. Inspect small items to see which are going to donation and which ones to the trash bin; some items might even have resale potential. The items you’re going to keep place them in a visible corner of your garage because at the end you will have to accommodate them properly in boxes. Choose wisely the things you are keeping with you so you don’t fill your containers with random things. To own an organized space you must know how to let go of things.

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5. Arrange Large Items for Donation

Large items are the reason why your garage looks all messy and bursting. You may start sorting out old-fashioned furniture you have kept in your garage for years, such as chairs, coffee tables, desks, furniture parts you don’t need, patio furniture, perhaps barely used exercise equipment, electronics you have already replaced for new ones, if your new place does not have a lawn it would be necessary that you also giveaway your lawn and garden tools which take a lot of space. You can donate them to a local charity; just make sure they still look in good condition.

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6. Take an Inventory of your Kept Items

Once you have taken care of the stuff that won’t be moved out you should make a list of the stuff you decided to take with you. Make sure you pack your kept items safe by storing them in zip-locks or in soft blankets you no longer use to protect them from damage. To relieve from the stress of not knowing where you place essential items you can keep similar items together, for example, automotive products in one box, Christmas decoration in another, and label them for an easy go-over.  Besides you will be aware of the things that you need to buy in the future.

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Thanks for reading! Neighbors Moving and Storage can help you move out shortly and can also offer you storage services if you are in need of more space to keep treasured belongings, with the safe bet that you are leaving them in reliable hands and may guarantee enough storage for large items that commonly use as much wall space as possible in your house.

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