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Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost

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Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost

Homemade compost Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost compost1If you have a garden or yard at home, you know the importance of giving flowers or grass proper nutrients to see them thrive before your eyes. Buying fertilizer can be quite expensive in today’s economy, and a good alternative to this is to build a container for Homemade Compost.

But how to go about making said Homemade Compost? It’s easier than it sounds! And we will be giving you today some tips for so that you may begin your own Homemade Compost heap today!

First you must get the following materials:

.-2 4X8-foot lattice panels (each cut into 2 4X4-foot pieces)
.-4  2X4s cut 5 feet long
. –2 Large clothesline hooks
. -A shovel
.- ADrill, screwdriver, or hammer
. – Screws or nails
. – Tape measure

You should then measure out its location as a 4X4-foot square. Now, dig the hole for your first support post. The hole should be about 1 foot deep. Insert a 2X4 post and fill the hole in well with soil. Try Compacting the soil around the post with your foot to keep it sturdy.

Building the container for your Homemade CompostHomemade composting Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost compost2

Now that your first post is ready, hold the lattice against it to verify the position of the next post. Once you know exactly where you need the second post, dig that hole, fill in with soil, and hold your lattice to the 2X4s to double-check the distance once more. Repeat these steps with the remaining two posts.

Next, line up the lattice sheets against the posts and screw three of sheets in place. Leave one wall unattached; it will act as your bin’s front gate.

If you want the bin’s front gate to be secure yet removable, so you can easily add organic matter and dig out the finished compost, use clothesline hooks to hang the lattice on.

Composting Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost Tips on Making Your Own Homemade Compost compost3Hold the remaining sheet of lattice against the posts to determine the best location for your hooks. Mark their location and drill the holes. Finally, tighten the nuts on both sides of the clothesline hook to secure the hook in the post. Turn the nuts as tight as you can to keep your gate in place.

And there you have it! Now you should be ready to use that Homemade Compost to your heart’s desire. Now get to planting! Share this with your friends and family if they too are interested in making their own Homemade Compost. We hope you have a wonderful day!

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