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Home Remedies to Eliminate Pests Effectively – Part 2

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So we meet again! It is great that I can continue with this interesting subject about how to eliminate pests so that you can feel comfortable towards this problem since it’s your chance to take charge of it on your own once and for all.

 On Part 1 Home Remedies to Eliminate Pests Effectively I mentioned about the common ways people rely on to get rid of insects inside and outside their homes – such as pesticides and other chemicals you see on TV that do not repel rodents and are too often quite dangerous to our home living, so basically we just end up spending more money and keep fighting with the same problem.

 Most of us consider home as a temple where we can relax and forget about the situations that often concern us; we even pride ourselves of achieving a home worthy of a safe environment for our families. But what happens when we found out that creepy insects have taken charge to colonize our garden and kitchen?

 Knowing that the condition of your home living is affected by pests such as fleas, spiders, wasps, and other uncomfortable bugs it’s completely disturbing, we understand. It is often seen as a situation that not only can damage your home but can affect the emotional state of each individual living in it. Above you will see a continuing of the last post we’ve published, this way you will be ready to prevent and attack those unwelcoming creatures distressing our way of living.

Remedies to Eliminate Pests eliminate pests Home Remedies to Eliminate Pests Effectively – Part 2 Remedies to Eliminate Pests

Fleas Natural Trap

 Not only ants or mosquitoes are the ones that mischief in our space and can give us constant headaches, there are other tiny creatures that are able to take away our sleep – Fleas. As many know, these bugs appear at home if we happen to be pet enthusiasts. Fleas love to live in warm vertebrates such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and you might be surprised that they will enjoy hosting in your hair too while you’re  lying in bed watching TV. Yuck!

Be careful because fleas are a difficult pest to get rid since they can lodge anywhere in your home and their eggs can remain hidden for over a year, that’s why sometimes when you’ve sprayed your house with a pesticide for fleas, they appear out of nowhere being so hard to completely remove.

 These remedies seem the easiest ways to get rid of the intolerable fleas with household items and are not harmful for your pet and family.

 Remedy # 1

 Make a homemade herbal spray with ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar, water and witch hazel. But first you would have to vacuum properly your home spaces to collect debris where larvae might be hiding. Then spray your carpet, furniture, pet sheets, windows, floors, and corners of your house.

 Remedy #2

Combat fleas with salt. Such a common ingredient like salt can make you get rid of fleas, especially from your carpets. Powdering salt over your rooms’ carpets will dehydrate their tiny bodies. To get effective results let it work for about a day or two, then vacuum the whole space.

 Cheap Wasp Repellers

 Living with a wasp nest in your garden might probably be one of the most unbearable situations you and your family can experience. Wasps are no joke and very clever, although the use of insecticides is usually the quickest way, do not forget that these chemicals can have bad consequences for your loved ones. ‘

 For starters you will need to identify the wasp hive in your garden; they often build their communities on the top or the trunk of the trees. We know that you might be thinking “How will I come out of this alive?” (Figuratively), since they are such difficult places for you to climb without being sting by one, which is why the second step will be to wait for the night to come up as this is the time that these insects are still, so you can avoid stings.

 Remedy # 1

 Almond oil is a great product to kill wasps immediately. You would have to set up this at the light of the day because it is the time when wasps are out of the hive. All you’ll need to do is spray pure almond oil onto the nest holes, and the smell will start repelling the wasps ASAP.

 Remedy # 2

 Make your own peppermint + soap wasp repellant, it’s incredibly easy! All you’ll have to do is mixing 2 cups of water with 30 drops of peppermint essential oil (you can find these at any herbal store) in a spray container, and then add to the mixture 2 tbsp. of liquid soap or dishwasher in the spray bottle. Amazingly soap dehydrates wasps immediately. Spray the nest with this mixture and say goodbye to the annoying buzzzzzzzz.


 A large amount of people (including me) have a real issue with spiders. These unwelcoming creatures tend to appear in humid or warm weathers, and some of them are very poisonous, plus it is unpleasant to run into any of these insects in the kitchen, bathroom, front deck, garden….oh God what can I say, I have found spiders hanging on the ceiling of my bedroom and it has been quite a nightmare getting rid of them. They do not ask for permission to settle inside your home so you better make them see they cannot take over your house just like that!

 Fortunately there are home remedies that may help you avoid the visit of spiders into your home.

 Remedy #1

 White vinegar works excellent as a spider repellant and drives away any type of spider from your house. All you’ll need to do is fill up a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray it on corners, doorframes and window sills (where they usually like to live and hide). Apply this as a daily habit during this humid season and you will see that no spider will dare to touch your home again.

 Remedy #2

 Another remedy to avoid spiders at home is lemon juice; as we mentioned on the 1st part of this post, lemon is one of the best natural repellent and home remedy to eliminate insects, and is a simple technic that won’t take you more than 3 minutes: cut a lemon and squeeze the juice from it, then fill a bottle of spray with the fresh juice and same as with the remedy #1 make sure to spray it on cracks, corners, door frames and window frames.

It’s Bug Season!

 This has been quite interesting, hasn’t it? Thanks for reading the complete Home Remedy Guide of Neighbors Moving & Storage. We sincerely hope that we could help you make your home a place where to live peacefully in company of your family.

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