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How to Insulate an Attic

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How to Insulate an Attic part 1

Learn How to Insulate an Attic Today! How to Insulate an Attic How to Insulate an Attic shutterstock 152701964Many times in our lives, we get the chance of making some repairs or adding a room to our houses, such as an attic. However, one of the most important things when moving into a new house with an attic or adding an attic to an existing house is learning How to Insulate an Attic.
But how is this accomplished without a crew? Well today we shall teach you how to do this by yourself so you can easily learn How to insulate an Attic without having to hire someone to do it for you. Let’s begin!
Blanket insulation
One of the most widely used forms of attic-insulation, blanket insulation is simple to work with — although you should always wear protective clothing, as it can be uncomfortable to handle. Before starting, ensure that you have measured the surface area of your attic accurately, and that you bear in mind the recommended depth requirements and order accordingly (manufacturers supply blanket insulation in many different depths, so you must remember to order to the correct depth as well as to the necessary surface area). Always consider the recycled and natural alternatives to conventional blanket insulation. This is basic when it comes to learning How to Insulate an Attic.

Lay the Blanket Insulation

Sweep away any debris from between the joists. Determine whether a vapor barrier is needed. If the drywall surface is silver-backed, you won’t need an extra membrane — if not, it is advisable to install one.
Roll out the vapor barrier, cutting and laying lengths in between each pair of joists. Staple the barrier to the sides of the joists using a staple gun (Image 1). Cut holes in the barrier to accommodate any electrical hardware.
Do not unpack the insulation blanket until you are in the attic . This will restrict the presence of insulation fibers to the work area.
Roll out the insulation blanket between the joists, taking care not to compress it. Tuck it in against the sides of the joists .
Butt the lengths of insulation up against one another, making sure that there are no gaps How to Insulate an Attic Easily! How to Insulate an Attic How to Insulate an Attic shutterstock 95608564between each of the lengths .
Cut a hole in the insulation blanket to allow for electrical hardware. This is an important step to prevent the electrical components overheating.
Lift any cables or wires above the insulation to stop them overheating. Any heat they do give off will rise harmlessly into the cold roof.
Thank you for reading! Be sure to read the second part of this two piece blog on How to Insulate an Attic. Also, be sure to share this with friends and family. We hope you have a nice day! Goodbye!

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