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How to Organize a Garage Sale

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5 Steps on How to Organize a Garage Sale

How to Organize a Garage Sale How to Organize a Garage Sale How to Organize a Garage Sale garage saleThere comes a time in everyone’s life when the clutter we accumulate over the years gets to be so overwhelming that we have a need to throw everything out and start anew. However, we ask you, have you tried finding out How to Organize a Garage Sale?

Before you take those old records out on the street and into the garbage bin, you might consider having that garage sale first. And we can help you learn how to organize a garage sell in 5 easy steps!

1.-Choose the day for it

Think of an approximate time that it make take you to organize a garage sale. Ok, now triple it, and set your sale date for a weekend afterward. Plan your yard sale for the first weekend of a month. Buyers on fixed incomes will be the most liable to buy stuff on those days.

2.-Gather the goods you’re selling

Put all the things you are completely sure you want to sell in one area, preferably out of eyeshot and the things you’re not so sure about in another. This will enable you to make a better decision regarding those items you’re undecided if you want to sell or not.

3.-Put a price on it

Price everything, and make sure the price is easily readable and viewable, because people are probably still going to ask for the price of any given item. Do a complete item search on eBay. Then, price it for a little less.

Don’t overprice items and don’t expect to get back what you originally paid for any given item either. It’s a garage sale, so people expect you to haggle. Determine the minimum you’re willing to take for your nicer items, and then add 10 to 20 percent to give yourself some negotiating room.Organizing Garage Sale How to Organize a Garage Sale How to Organize a Garage Sale garage sale 2

4.-Advertise it

Place classified ads in your local newspaper and on Craigslist. Try doing it a couple of days before the sale. Make signs to put up around your house. Place them at the main intersections near your neighborhood, and at all the turns leading to your house. This is the simplest most time honored tradition you should keep in mind when asking yourself how to organize a garage sale the right way.

5.-SELL IT! | How to Organize a Garage Sell

Do not use a money box. Trust me, you will accidentally leave that box unattended at some point during the day. After you greet people, leave them alone and let them shop
How to Organize a Garage Sell, and good luck on your event!

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