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How to Pack a Moving Truck

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Moving Truck Packing How to Pack a Moving Truck How to Pack a Moving Truck shutterstock 139220015How to Pack a Moving Truck

A move always requires a lot of planning beforehand, such as the timing, the packing, the stacking, and the placement of the furniture among others. One of the most important things concerning a move or relocation is how to properly put things away in the vehicle you will use for transportation of your personal belongings. But is there a proper way to know How to Pack a Moving Truck?

So today we have for you a couple of tips on what to do before and after the packing, so you can have a better grasp at the correct way of figuring How to Pack a Moving Truck. So let’s begin!

Before the move

Firstly, if you’re doing this move by yourself, you have to get a couple of things before moving day, such as a dolly. This will help you move your heaviest furniture as well as your boxes. You should also get paper padding, plastic stretch wrap, or furniture pads, so you can protect your furniture from damage.

Packing tape is a must, since it will hold the padding over your furniture together. Also get some straps, they will help your furniture stay together and will keep it from shifting. Finally, get a large tarp or plastic wrap. This should cover the floor of the truck to keep your furniture from getting dirty.

Get a second car, apart from the truck you’re using for moving most of your valuables, have a friend, relative or a member of your immediate family take a bunch of essentials in a different car with them to your new home. This includes a toolbox to reassemble furniture, fragile items include valuable plates, and anything made of glass and even light bulbs from disassembled lamps. Your overnight items should include enough for you to live with for a day without having to unpack. Have them take your computer and small electronic items, or even a television, in the car if they will fit. You can add these items later during the packing process.

Packing the TruckPacking the Truck How to Pack a Moving Truck How to Pack a Moving Truck shutterstock 78376762

Load the heaviest items and appliances into the truck first. You should have two people in the truck who will be the designated “loaders,” while the rest of the people will carry the furniture to the truck or hand it to them if it’s light enough. Pack these items into the front of the truck to maximize your space and to keep the truck from dragging if the back is too heavy. If the truck drags, you could be in a dangerous driving situation, so it’s best to avoid it.

The heaviest items include your appliances, such as the stove, washing machine, fridge, and dishwasher. Keep these items in their upright positions and distribute the heavy items along the back wall of the truck. If you have a washer and dryer, position them on the opposite side from the fridge. Next, load large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, living room chairs, and entertainment units.

There you have it! We hope these tips on How to Pack a Moving Truck have been useful, be sure to share this with friends and family. Have a nice day!

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