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How to Plan Ahead for a Move

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How to Plan Ahead for a Move

How to Plan Ahead for a Move How to Plan Ahead for a Move How to Plan Ahead for a Move shutterstock 145608256When you are planning to moving day it can seem like time flies by at double speed. To help make the most of the time you have available to you, you need to plan ahead for a move. To get you started, consider these four helpful hints for How to Plan Ahead for a Move:

Sort and Purge

Packing for a move has to be more than simply tossing everything into boxes to move from one place to the other. This is the perfect opportunity to sort and purge your collection of stuff and see what can be tossed and what really does need to go to the new house. Sort through things and be aggressive when it comes to seeing what is not essential and what really needs to be thrown out. It can save you a lot of space in the moving truck and will save your back from moving boxes of junk and cluttering up your new home.

Start Packing Early

One of the best ways to determine how to plan ahead for a move? Begin packing as early as you possibly can so you can use the time closer to move date to take care of other things. Pack up extra clothes, dishes, toys, and larger pieces of furniture. Keep only what you need to get by until the final move date. Pack up everything else that you can. Save yourself some major headaches and keep you and your family for having to scramble last minute to get everything packed away.

Get a Floor PlanStart Packing Early How to Plan Ahead for a Move How to Plan Ahead for a Move shutterstock 154243622

Whenever possible get a physical print out copy of the floor plan for your new home or apartment. This can really help you see what you will have room for in your new home and what needs to be tossed or left behind. Also, knowing the layout of the floor plan will help you and the movers know what to plan for. Knowing ahead of time where the trouble areas might be- tight halls, stairs, counter tops, and such- will make it easier to plan how to plan ahead for a move in terms of getting things moved in.

Learn the Lay of the Land

Take some time if possible to scout out the city and neighborhood beforehand. See what the streets are like, how the driveway is set up, what parking will be like, and other factors that could impact how the move goes. Think about the vehicles you are using, how many you have, and where you will need to have things in order to unload as quickly and easily as possible. This is a great way to help answer the question of How to Plan Ahead for a Move.

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