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Jacksonville, FL City Guide

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Neighbors Moving & Storage is family owned and operated and has been moving families to and from Jacksonville, Florida, for more than 70 years. We feel very at home here on the northern coast of Florida. And we think you could fit right in, too.

Jacksonville is one of Florida’s biggest and most metropolitan cities. It consolidated its city and county governments back in 1968, which means it has a well-organized local government. That “well-oiled machine” is considered an asset by the 1.5 million Floridians living within its city limits.

Jacksonville’s leadership in business is undisputed. Because the city is located on the banks of the St. Johns River and is also a key port on the Atlantic seaboard, it has historically enjoyed a variety of commerce and business opportunities. Jacksonville is the largest deepwater port in the South, which helped it grow and sustain itself over time. The U.S. military has made itself a home in Jacksonville’s ports as well, making the city feel both proud to serve and protected.

These days, Jacksonville’s economy is very diverse. Modern Jacksonville’s economy is balanced among financial services, biomedical technology, consumer goods, information services, manufacturing, distribution, insurance and other industries. The business climate in Jacksonville is dynamic.

The city’s cultural life is much the same in that it is diversified. It boasts great outdoor activities with miles of pristine beaches and both salt and fresh water waterfronts. Its residents also enjoy a temperate “Mediterranean climate,” great for outdoor festivals and concerts. And football? Jacksonville is home to the Jaguars.

Jacksonville started off with great natural resources and built everything it needed to keep the good life going from there: including, wonderful educational resources, shopping and retail centers, and solid neighborhoods for people to enjoy. If you’re moving to or from the Jacksonville area, give us a call. We’d love to help handle your move.

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