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Know Your Neighborhood

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Know your Neighborhood Before Moving

Know Your Neighborhood Before Moving Know Your Neighborhood Know Your Neighborhood shutterstock 145719332Looking for a new home can be quite a challenge, but there are some simple and basic things you need to be looking for as you hunt for the prefect house to make into a home. It is important to Know Your Neighborhood and know what you are getting into if you do buy your home in that particular neighborhood.

Location, Location, Location

You absolutely must pay attention and give time to your search so you are able to carefully consider the location of the home.  A fixer upper home can be improved and changes can be made to make the house better- but you cannot change the neighborhood and there is little you can do to change your neighbors. So make sure you understand what the neighborhood is like in regards to work, school, shopping, and entertainment. Location is possibly the most important factor that you need to consider as you begin looking for your home- so make sure you Know Your Neighborhood.

Situation Factors

Make sure you take into account your unique needs and situation and make sure the home and the neighborhood meets your needs and fits your style and dreams- Know Your Neighborhood!  Will stairs pose a problem for any of the family members? How much Explore the City Before Moving There Know Your Neighborhood Know Your Neighborhood shutterstock 145719368space do you need? Are you socially active more of a home body? How far are you willing to commute for work or school? You need to careful consider the needs and wants of each family member to make sure the neighborhood you choose to settle down on meets as many of those wants and needs as possible.

Check it Out Yourself

Try to make time to explore the new neighborhood yourself to see if first hand. Look beyond the homes you are interested in buying, and look at the neighborhood as a whole and consider the way the neighborhood is right now. Is it clean and well kept by the city or county? Do people seem to take pride in how their homes look? Are the houses all in good shape or are a lot of them run down or abandoned? What are the demographics like? How close is the school and work opportunities? These are just some of the points you need to consider so you can Know Your Neighborhood-  even before you move that first piece of furniture in or open that first box!

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