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Local Moving

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Your move is just as important to us as it is to you. So even if you are just moving two blocks away, we are here to make it as smooth as possible. A local move is any move within 100 miles and typically it is billed at an hourly rate.


We Can Make Your Local Moving Easier

We can send a representative to your home for a free moving estimate or just as easily provide you an estimate over the phone. That estimate should include a separate amount for the movers, vans, packing, materials and insurance.
Some local companies charge the same rate for the use of a 50-foot van or a 12-foot van. It’s best if your estimator allows for empty space in your moving van. The last thing you want is to run out of space and need to make an extra trip since you are paying by the hour.

How to Make Your Local Moving Easier

If you are packing up your own items, you should have everything packed and ready when the movers arrive. You won’t want to pay them to wait as you finish your packing. If you use experienced, professional packers, paying for packing by the box is a good choice; even if you have them just pack up your fragile and valuable items.
Your costs in a local move depend on the amount of time moving. You should scout out ahead of time the most direct route to your new home and make sure the van driver has that information. You will also want to check ahead and arrange sufficient room for the truck to park in front of the home you are moving from and the home you are moving to.
You need to let the movers know ahead of time of any stairs or elevators they will need to use during the move.
If you are moving into an apartment, check before the move to see if there are any time restrictions. Many complexes do not allow moving early in the morning or after 5 p.m. Also, be prepared for the building owner to ask the movers to see their insurance certificates which they may want sent over ahead of time.
Finally, be organized and prepared. Don’t risk running out of boxes and supplies. If you have to stop to get more in the middle of the move, it can cost you precious time and money. And check all closets and storage units to make sure you have accounted for everything to avoid any unwelcome, last-minute surprises.

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