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Make your Move Kids Play

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The moving experience can be difficult for children. Moving can mean changing schools, meeting new friends, and leaving behind a home which not only likely holds many memories for them, but a sense of comfort and security.  One of the best ways to get your children excited about the move is to allow them to participate. Asking your children to help will not only make them feel important and needed, it will reinforce the notion that the move is a family affair instead of something that is being imposed on them. There are a number of fun ways to get your children involved.

Give your kids simple and direct tasks. For example, for school age children, put a name tag on their shirt that says “Director” or “Boss” and tell them they are in charge. Hand them a clipboard and your packing checklist (just be sure to supervise). Let them check off items from the list as you call them out. Younger children can help as well. You can hand them a sharpie marker, for instance, and ask them to label the boxes, or they can help you color coordinate. Color coordination can help your movers determine where to place certain boxes. Ask your children to choose a color for each room in the new home. Then have them attach corresponding color paper to your packed boxes. It’s a simple and fun way to stay organized. Kids love bubble wrap, playing and coloring oversized boxes, and packing their own toys and dolls—begin planning your move early to give your kids time to have fun. It’s an experience they’ll probably never forget.

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