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Move Out Cleaning Checklist

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Move Out Cleaning Checklist move out cleaning checklist Move Out Cleaning Checklist CleaningChecklist

Ask anyone who has moved out and he’ll probably tell you about the struggle that is to keep everything perfectly organized and cleaned before the day they have to leave their humble abode. Even though it seems…well, let’s face it, it is in fact a stressful situation, with a proactive planning weeks before your Moving Day will make a great difference. So you’ve got to chill since the beginning, seriously. Cleaning is particularly one task that can take you all day if you are not familiar with the way to do it properly; and it takes a big part of the process when you are moving out, however, it is not usual that somebody tell you how through you have to clean before moving out. “I already have too much with packing my belongings, wrapping stuff, moving furniture, and… I still have to take care of cleaning?” well, very much. Whether a house or an apartment it is important to leave it clean and in the best conditions in order to avoid more stress and problems. You think your home is pretty clean for you to leave? Figure it out with the move out cleaning checklist.   

First, make sure that you can take the day after you move out dedicated to cleaning. This time you’ll see it won’t be tough since the place is completely empty, so you won’t need to dust out under your rugs, dining table, or the top of your bookcase.

Living Room

It is very probable that your living room was the LZ (landing zone) for all your furniture, boxes, appliances and more, so your floors might scream for attention, Ahhh! Don’t hesitate; this area can look as shinning as the day you moved in.

  • Deeply dust the floor (don’t forget corners)
  • Wipe up hard surfaces of the floor
  • Try to remove scratches or stains on the doors, walls and ceilings
  • Clean your windows and wash the screens
  • Dust the ceiling fan
  • Dust the ceiling lamps


  • Wash the sink with warm water and soap
  • Scrub water keys
  • Clean the cabinets and pantry with some disinfectant product (inside and outside)
  • Clean windows and screens
  • Wipe the stove (inside and outside) and scrub the burner cap and grate

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  • Clean the sink
  • Scrub the water keys
  • Scrub the shower surface (Make sure you have removed any scaling and soap scum)
  • Clean windows
  • Wipe mirrors
  • Clean the cabinets
  • Dust and mop floors


  • Remove debris from your closet
  • Dust, sweep and vacuum the room
  • Clean windows and ceiling fans
  • Remove scratches or stains on the doors, walls and ceilings


Try to leave the exterior of the house / apartment looking spotless as it you will make a first good impression once you give up the household.

  • Take away all the debris from your front door
  • Cut the grass if necessary
  • Cut the bushes if necessary

Thanks for reading! We hope this “Move out Cleaning Checklist” may be of great help. We also hope you enjoy Moving Day as much as we do!

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