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Moving in Together for the First Time

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3 Aspect to Consider Before Moving in Together 

Moving in Together for the First Time moving in together Moving in Together for the First Time shutterstock 103177172

So you and your partner had decided to take the next step and live together. Before anything gets out of control you should know that this is not a baby step for both; actually this is a huge decision that involves agreeing to share your lives, not just your living space. If you truly want to start living this new moving in together experience without killing each other then you might want to keep reading this post that we have write especially for you; first timer.

Whether you’re planning to live together after marriage (which nowadays it’s commonly seen) or you are up there with marriage and starting a family you can always take the best out of this experience since you both are becoming independent in several aspects. However, you should be mentally prepared to share a space, which means you should take in mind the fact that getting along is no guarantee of a good life together. Even the simplest details as, who gets to sleep on the left side of the bed will totally come across your moving in together experience that can cause disagreements and absurd fights, therefore you will have to play down the nonsense points and let those things go for the best so you both can handle the important aspects of sharing a space. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

How to Become a great roommate

After you decide on moving in together with your significant other you might talk about these three important aspects that might come along with your move, in order to become a great roommate.

1. Set your expectations

You may start by discussing expectations; be sure to talk about your daily routines, if the two are going to be there for dinner, or it will be well to have your hours, if both will be willing to do the chores every day or it will be schedule, and talk about visits from friends and family members. The point here is to agree, your partner can not read your mind, so you must be very clear with the way you both will carry out your life together within that space.

2. Clear accounts – long-term relationships

Sharing finance is another important aspect on the agenda of moving in together for the first time. If you have live alone then you’ll know what the monthly account subject is, but keep in mind that money can be a source of many disagreements if you don’t set clear rules from the beginning. As they say “In love, you plan for the best. In business, you plan for the worst.” So, as unromantic as it sounds, keep separate accounts, savings and credit cards. Be clear with each other about who pays for what. Sit down each month and do your bills together. This will help you maintain a healthy relationship.

3. Do not miss the spark!

Once you live together you will find out that the relationship will change. Things are going to be different from that moment since your weekend partner becomes your full time roommate. But, the fact of living together shouldn’t be reason to stop having fun or stop making nice things for each other. Set up at least one night a week to pamper your loving partner, find the occasion to rent a movie and make your favorite dinner together, those moments will be rewarding and cherish since you will be dealing with daily issues, which will have both distracted during the week. Spice things up!

Have a Happy Moving!

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