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Tips before Moving in with a Roommate

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How to live in peace when moving in with a roommate

"moving in with a roommate" moving in with a roommate Tips before Moving in with a Roommate shutterstock 276557588 1Whether you’re about to begin college, leave your hometown, got kicked out from you parents’, or simply decided to become independent (there can be a lot of reasons why people decide to share a living space with a roommate), you should know that moving in with a roommate is a big deal and in some circumstances not everything is hunky-dory, there are vital factors that you and your roommate should discuss before living in together (all hat, no cattle) so since you might be a first-timer in this situation Neighbors Moving Company is pleased to give you a short guide of tips before moving in with a roommate that will help things go smoothly.

1. Good Communication Skills

This point is a total must (with no exception!). As we know effective communication with others brings along good relationships, chances are that when you were a kid they taught you how to get along with your classmates, siblings and elders by having a respectful communication that brought within the good understanding to possible indifferences, this aspect can become a very uncomfortable issue when it comes to sharing space with a roommate and can affect your comfort and peace no matter how much you cling to the place where you live. Perhaps you are standing in the situation where the other person happens to be the owner of the apartment, studio or dorm room, but that does not mean that you should abide by their rules; both have the same rights so you should establish rules that will work well for each other. In order to make living with each other easier you both have to:

a. Know what you want to say and why – because sometimes the purpose of your message may hurt the other’s feelings without need. Consider any barrier that can come across your communication agreement, such as cultural differences, habits, preferences, etc. and talk things clear before you make the hasty decision of moving in with somebody who’s not roommate material.

2. Cleaning

The conversation about cleaning must be in your household list within your “Roommates Agreement”, oh yes, there must be an agreement (it should be written to be official…you will thank me later). The cleaning aspect should never be overlooked before sharing space with a roommate because if it is you’ll be witnessing moments of misunderstandings, daily challenges and discussions possibly ending in fight (hopefully not). As we make clear in the last point, talking it through will make the difference since dishes and floors won’t take care of themselves; whether you will be living with one or more than one person you may organize your chores by having a rotating schedule, that way you’re not caught in daily routines. However, if you see that your future roommate is not willing to help you out with the cleaning of your living space then you might want to look for another prospect. Don’t involve living with people who are not interested in commit with daily chores because they will bring you a lot of headaches, despite the fact that it will absolutely make you feel like your mother.

"moving in with a roommate" moving in with a roommate Tips before Moving in with a Roommate shutterstock 153958592 1

3. Respect each other’s space

This is something everyone should be conscious of, since there is nothing more annoying than living with a person who’s not capable to respect boundaries. How annoying it is when you come home from a lousy day of work and suddenly you encounter with the huge problem that your roommate decided to invite a bunch of friends which have scattered all around the room, leaving you with no possible chance to enjoy your space peacefully, and if it was not enough you notice that they have been sniffing your things without permission and eating what is yours. Remember what I’m about to tell you and keep it to you as an issue that can be seen in any other situation that involve two or more persons – If the respect of each other’s space is lost, then there’s when discussions may turn into an everyday hassle. Both should also establish some privacy rules that will have to follow in order to live without having to kill each other.

4. Lifestyle and Habits

It is likely that you and your roommate might have different preferences and social lives; but still you must decide if it is ok to live with it or you are willing to propose a solution that can work best for you. Don’t think that there is nothing you can do to find the perfect room partner. If in your case the future roommate happens to be your close friend, then you have a backup of the way he/she lives and the things he likes and dislikes.  However my friend, perhaps that lifestyle had never affected you but remember that you’ll have to live by his side 24/7 and the fact that for example, he arrives late in the morning, likes singing loudly in the shower, or smokes like fumarole will eventually become a nefarious problem for you.

 5. Groceries and other Expenses

We know that the reason you’ve decided to share space with another person is because you want to save a little money or simply to not be completely alone… fair enough. You may split or not the expenses (that’s your call) if not, it is a must that you both agree which payment it’s up to each and respect the payment date, there is nothing worse than chasing someone for money, so you got to be careful on this aspect, if you are someone who is very attentive to payments then you should look for a roommate with the same the same way of thinking. Another thing – groceries; will you be doing groceries together? it is very common to have disagreements when making the grocery list, and even more if you have different eating habits, if you do then the best will be to make your own purchases.

And remember, deal with problems as they arrive; don’t miss too much time … before it is too late and you found yourself seeing your roommate experience a living hell.

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