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Moving out at 18: ready to be on your own?

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shutterstock_167078243 Moving out at 18: ready to be on your own Moving out at 18: ready to be on your own? shutterstock 167078243Moving out at 18 it’s one of those experiences that anybody must be able to live because it involves growing as a person in all aspects. However, when it comes to relocating on another city, state or country certain situations will appear (it’s a fact) along with your decision and you will have to consider a huge amount of situations in which you will find out that this whole transition in your life won’t be easy. We want to be honest about this: Moving out at a young age is not as easy as it seems although as we said it could be the best that could happen to you. So you got to be prepared before you just pack your stuff and leave the heck out of your hometown.

How to get ready to make your next move

1. Marry your Decision

You have to (as in it’s a must) be sure why you want to leave your parent’s home. Believe us, moving out is not all terrible as you might hear it from the older, but first you got to see your ‘option cards’ within your decision. You may decide to leave home for many different reasons, including:

  1. You need to get reasonably away from your parents. Actually not being able to see them around on daily basis.
  2. You are ready to make a new life as you accepted that it was time to learn from your own experiences.
  3. You need to move closer to your university – location problems.
  4. You’ve been ask by your parents to move out (hope it was in a nice way).
  5. Privacy; You feel like you need your own space where it implies being alone.

2. Find the Right Place

Finding the right place is not an easy task once you’ve immerse on this moving out process. You must know that it requires patience and good criteria to decide on the right place for you.  Ask yourself some thoughtful questions. Can you live alone or is it better for you to share a room? Will living in a share house is the best option for you? Are you willing to split expenses with somebody else? What can you actually afford?

If you’re not sure about the last question draw up a realistic budget plan which includes: utilities, groceries, insurance, clothing and your occasionally night out. If you have decided to live with a roommate get together and discuss how you are going to split the monthly expenses.

3. Organization Tips

The word packing makes you tremble right? Packing is not a difficult task, although it might be a tiring process if you are having all your stuff moved out from your parents. If you have a friendly communication with your parents you are in luck; your parents will be a great support in your moving out process since they are the ones who will teach you how to live on your own and not die in the attempt. You should first consider doing your packing weeks before and leave the moving process to specialized movers who can carry on your belongings wherever your destination is.

  • Organizes the clothes you barely wear on hangers and cover them with plastic bags so you do not waste time taking your clothes out of boxes in your new apartment. And leave five changes of clothes that you can intercalate on the days you have left. This is much easier! You’ll see.
  • Pack your most treasured belongings on resistant boxes that you can carry with you and do not make too much space in the car.
  • If you have a great relationship with your mother, ask her if it’s possible to organize a prep-meal plan for the next two weeks that you will be leaving on your own, since we are assuming that you would refuse to relate with anything influencing the verb cooking. This way you can just remove a stress within your transition.

4. Ask for help! 

If the process of moving all your stuff is complicated and you want to avoid an extra trip you should hire a professional moving service that can save you from what could turn to be a trouble situation and be able to help you achieve a smooth and headache-free move!

At Neighbors Moving your move is just as important to us as it is to you, which is why we bring support on the beginning of your huge transition in your life by taking care of your belongings and providing you help with your moving process.

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