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Organizing Home Before a Move

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Organizing Home Before a Move

Organize Home Before a Move Organizing Home Before a Move Organizing Home Before a Move shutterstock 197692631Looking for some simple and easy tips for Organizing Home packing before a move? Then keep reading and see how easy it can be when you know what to expect and what to do beforehand to make things easier.

Many times preparing for the move seems overwhelming because there is so much to do. We get overwhelmed by the mountain of work and it looks impossible. But if you can break it into smaller bits, it will seem more manageable. Simply take five minutes at a time and get something, anything, done towards the move. Spend five minutes throwing out old food from the fridge. Take five minutes to organize the kitchen drawers so they are easier to pack. Spend a few minutes to plan out the packing and cleaning schedule for the week. Do not walk into a room without bringing out something to set in the packing piles. This will help make Organizing Home packing easier.

Tidy up before bed. Just take a few minutes and make it part of your bed time routine. Brush your teeth, get in your PJs and do ten minutes of work towards getting ready for the move by Organizing Home aspects that will make it easier when the actual packing happens. You do not have to spend a lot of time- just a few minute each night, it can really add up- especially if everyone in the family does this each night.An Organized Home is Easier to Move Organizing Home Before a Move Organizing Home Before a Move shutterstock 196109123

Leave notes around the house to remind you of things you want or need to do. When you have a lot going on and are super busy, you may not remember everything you need to get done. It’s good to leave notes for yourself. If you want to get to the cabinets at some point to start packing them leave a sticky not on the cabinets. Want to set aside time to get something done? Leave a reminder on your phone so you are less likely to forget.

Create “zones or stations” in your home. Keep things grouped by room or some other category that makes it easy for you to find things right up until you start boxing everything up. Check to see that your zones are staged in out of the way areas so you are not climbing over piles every time you walk down the hallway. Also remember that the zones continue on after things are boxed and you need to make sure each box is labeled with the zone or basic contents- it will help you be more organized and efficient when you start unpacking.
Organizing Home contents before a move can be a little overwhelming at first, but it is much more manageable when you follow these simple and easy tips!

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