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Pack-in-the-Box: Choosing the Right Box for the Job

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Certainly you’ve heard the expression: the right tool for the job. It’s just as true in moving as it is in other arenas. Using the right box to package your belongings can not only help protect and safeguard your home goods, but help you make use of all available space and prevent waste and excess.  Why use two boxes when one, specifically-outfitted box will not only do the trick, but save you money in the process?  There’s a box to suit every knick-knack — the array of different types and styles available will likely surprise you. Neighbors Moving offers a variety of different size boxes, as well as a full selection of unique and specialized boxes to help get the job done, including:

Wardrobe Boxes (24x21x48): A wardrobe box is the perfect solution for transporting suits and business shirts since it eliminates the need to iron your clothes. You can move clothes on hangers from your closet and hang them directly in the wardrobe box. This box is a great time (and frustration) saver!

Mirror/Picture Boxes: This box is especially designed to protect mirrors and paintings from the damage that can occur if there is excessive space in the packaging. It is important to utilize this slim box, which allows you to wrap your item so it’s fit to size, in order to create a snug and secure fit.

Dish-Packs (18x18x28): Dish-Packs are a lifesaver, providing extra protection for your fragile items, including stemware, dishes, china, and ceramics. These are extra strong boxes with cell dividers which protect your items by separating them into compartments.

Mattress/Box Spring Cartons: These boxes provide excellent protection against dirt and damage. The cartons are available in various sizes to suit standard mattress sizes, including king, queen, and twin.

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