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Renting Your Home

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Renting Your Home

Tips for Renting Your Home Renting Your Home Renting Your Home shutterstock 84900061If you find yourself moving out of your home and settling down somewhere else but are having trouble getting offers on your home, you always have the option of renting it out so you can have some income coming in from it. If you decide to give Renting Your Home a try, you will need to keep several important things in mind so you do not lose your sanity along the way!

Do Background Checks

Do not assume it is easy to spot someone who may cause trouble, skip out without paying, be a party animal, or cause adages to your property. Looks are very deceiving so make sure you do a background check to make sure there are no serious issues in their past that could be a deal breaker for you. They do not have to have perfect credit or records but you will want to know beforehand what type of situation you could be getting into. If you get some personal references or contact information for a previous landlord, take the time to call as you work through the process of Renting Your Home! You want to do everything in your power to make sure you are not renting out to a trouble maker who will cause more headache than it is worth.

Price is Right

Renting Your Home can be a way to get some income from your home without selling it. To get a renter into your home quickly and easily you need to make sure you are asking for a fair price for your home. Find out what rentals in your area are going for and check to see how your asking price compares. Also remember to compare your home to others that are similar- homes with more rooms, better amenities, bigger yards, and more updates appliances can charge more. So make sure you are in line with your monthly rental fees and you can have more success finding someone to rent your home.

Protect Yourself When Renting Your HomeTips for Renting Your Home Renting Your Home Renting Your Home shutterstock 175354355

When you are considering Renting Your Home, you must have a detailed written contract an agreement in place. This should cover everything about the rental, the relationship between you and the renter, what will happen if any problems arise, and all of the details and specifics that both parties need to know and agree to before entering the renting relationship. Also consider whether or not it is necessary to hire a leasing agent so you can have someone to help you through the process and also help manage the property- especially if you are moving more than an hour or so away. These individuals can locate a tenant, run all of the necessary background checks, collect the rent, handle any dispute or problems, deal with evictions, and manage the property and take care of any repairs.


These simple tips can be a great asset when you are Renting Your Home (link: and can help save you a lot of time, energy, and headache.

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