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How to Achieve a Safe Bedroom for Your Baby

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How to Achieve a Safe Bedroom for Your Baby

How to Achieve a Safe Bedroom for Your Baby How to Achieve a Safe Bedroom for Your Baby How to Achieve a Safe Bedroom for Your Baby shutterstock 203811247Planning on decorating the bedroom for your baby is a beautiful experience but it also can be a challenge. When it comes to a baby, the room should be a place that inspires serenity so that they will feel safe and secure. At the same time, it should cause positive moods that will invite them to physical stimulations. It is likely to just think about what colors go better on the walls and what is the perfect decoration theme for your child’s bedroom, but however, you should consider other important aspects on the decoration of the room. The most important thing when buying furniture and decorating your baby’s room is definitely security.

To facilitate the design of the room, you just have to follow a few simple advise that avoid unnecessary mishaps when creating a room where your baby will have fun with their toys while preparing a safe place to take their first steps. Remember: Safety first!

Electric System

Checking the wiring in the room is one of the first things you should do; especially if your home or apartment is a little old. If the electrical system is installed outside the wall, switch wiring to a place where your child can not reach them or cover the wires with a plastic cord that can be found in any home improvement store. The baby will eventually begin to crawl around the room and explore every corner; make sure the room is totally harmless.

Lead Paint

Getting more deeply into the painting of your baby’s room, you should know that some paints contain chemicals too strong for a baby, which makes them harmful to their health. You can look for ecological paints made with natural dyes that are hypoallergenic.

Another practical solution instead of painting the bedroom are removable wall stickers, perfect to personalized spaces in the room and looks cute too!

The Proper Crib

Your baby’s crib is one of the most important furniture in the nursery, and therefore you must be especially careful when you pick one. Make sure that the paint on the crib is not made from lead or other hazardous chemicals. Once you have selected the right crib, we highly recommend you to not decorate it with stuffed animals or pillows around the crib to prevent your baby can choke on them, even if they look like a pretty and harmless decoration, on the first months the baby will discover how to grasp objects that are close and might be a harsh threat.

Be Cautious with Windows and Doors

One of the best recommendations you can have to protect your baby, is keeping his crib away from windows and doors; remember that any of these can lead to an accident. When you decide to choose a place to set the crib in the room, think beyond design and create a safety zone around the crib positioning it away from windows, heaters, lamps, and wall decorations.

Frankly it’s not as complicated as it might seem, it really should not be a stressful experience, of course, as long as you take these important considerations everything will be under control; the preparation of your baby’s bedroom should be a moment to remember and cherish while you share it with your family. We hope this can help you!

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