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Thanksgiving Ideas

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2 Creative Thanksgiving Ideas to try out!

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There are certain things that are a traditional must in every thanksgiving celebration: The Turkey, the pumpkin pie, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce and of course the leftovers the next couple of days (or weeks depending on what size turkey you bought).It is of course traditional and Norman Rockwell-esque to think of the whole Thanksgiving affair as a formal banquet with close family and significant others, and never give a thought to any other Thanksgiving Ideas to implement.

But if you’re looking to change things up a little this year, we are here to help you. So today we have for you a couple of Thanksgiving Ideas you can use to make this year’s Thanksgiving dinner a memorable one for your friends and family.

1.-The before and after activities

A very innovative way to start a Thanksgiving meal is by planning activities before and after the meal actually takes place. Start off by giving your guests some warm apple cider so they can get into the Thanksgiving mood, and put some cinnamon sticks into their glasses to act as stirrers for an extra detail sure to bring a smile to their faces. If you or your loved ones are football fans, then the traditional Thanksgiving game should be a good way to literally kick off the celebrations.

If this is not the case however, a good tradition is to form a thank you chain, which is an activity where people write down all they have to be thankful for in a small piece of paper and pass it around several times making sure they didn’t get theirs when it comes back. At the end of the meal everyone reads the one placed in front of them and they try to guess who wrote it down.

2.-The Thanksgiving Buffet: One of the best Thanksgiving Ideas to relax

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A lot of people associate Thanksgiving with a lot of hassle, pressure and stress in general, mainly stemming from preparing the meals and then presenting them to your guests. As far as Thanksgiving Ideas are concerned, having a Thanksgiving Buffet is ideal if you’re looking to relax a little and actually enjoy the meal, not just enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with having been able to pull off the meal itself. The idea is a simple one: Take the entire day before thanksgiving to make the food, then simply put it in a different table than the one you’re eating in and have your guests take their plates and help themselves! If you want to add a little detail to it, make small card that have the name of the dishes written on them and place them in front of the dishes themselves, to add to the whole Buffet Experience.

We hope you have found these Thanksgiving Ideas useful for your next Thanksgiving Dinner! Share this with your friends and family and if you’re planning to move to a new home before Turkey Day, Contact us. Have a great Day!

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