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The Best Way to Move and Ship Fragile Items

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When moving personal goods it is essential for movers and clients, alike, to carefully inventory and pack fragile items. While it is preferable for clients to pack and personally transport valuable items themselves, this is not always an option. Therefore, there are some very basic guidelines for moving a shipping fragile items that will prevent unnecessary breakage and/or damage.

Initially, when hiring a moving company, movers may visit a client’s house beforehand to determine what moving supplies will be needed and how much time should be allotted for that particular move. At this time, it may be beneficial to alert local movers of potential items that are fragile. This gives long distance movers the opportunity to efficiently prepare for a client’s move beforehand. While these two concepts are actions that can be taken by long distance movers, clients can also ensure the safe transport of their personal items by intervening in the packing process themselves.

By providing labels that can be used to mark boxes as “fragile,” clients can encourage movers to pay attention to goods that could easily be damaged. Furthermore, providing a variety of packing and boxes can be an essential step in effort to protect household goods. This allows movers to choose the appropriate-sized box for fragile goods to ensure their safe delivery. Correct labels that indicate what the item is, what room it belongs in, and contains a correlating moving checklist number should then be placed on these boxes. Clients and movers should keep an accurate moving checklist that provides numbers that indicated what boxes contain what items. By keeping a moving checklist such as this, clients can be assured that boxes containing valuable items will not be lost or misplaced. If this should happen, clients will know of the issue as soon as they receive their household goods.

Although shipping items that can easily be broken or damaged can be slightly different, the general concepts remain the same. Shippers should pack boxes well in an appropriate-sized box in order to protect items. In addition, invoices or paperwork should be kept which notes which items are present in which boxes. However, when shipping these items, it may be important to invest in services that may notify shippers of their package’s arrival at the set destination or insurance to ensure that the package will not become lost or damaged in the transportation process.

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