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The Go-To Bag and the Catch-All Box

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When packing for a long flight, we usually pack a carry-on bag to take aboard the plane. This is to ensure that all our essentials, including a book, a sweater, passports, and personal hygiene items, are close at hand. The carry-on helps make the trip more comfortable and keeps necessities accessible. When moving your home, it is just as important to pack a go-to bag.

Neighbors Moving offers an online packing checklist, an array of boxes, and a team of trained and experienced professionals to help ensure the process is as organized and seamless as possible. But, no matter how well you plan, every room of your home will likely be filled with boxes, and you will be preoccupied sorting through an endless list of items to pack and details to remember. Add kids and pets to the mix, and it isn’t hard to envision misplacing keys, or a license, or your son’s pacifier. Keep a go-to bag near the front door of your house so you can easily access it and it doesn’t get overlooked in the shuffle.

It’s also a good idea to also pack a catch-all box. This is a box of items that will be shipped along with your other household items. It should be packed with items that will make the transition to your new home easier— things that you’ll want to unpack first. For example, a few select dishes and silverware, bathroom items, sheets, pillows, and blankets, and a few of your kids’ favorite toys and books. Having these items handy will make unpacking easier and settling in that much quicker. Be sure to check out our other packing tips to ensure a stress-free and efficient move.

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