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Tips for a Greener Move

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In this age of renewable resources, LEED-certified green buildings, and organic products, it’s clear that we are constantly looking for ways to protect our natural resources. Moving your home is no different. A typical move requires a great deal of supplies–think boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap—which means it can also involve a lot of unnecessary waste. But, there are a number of simple ways to protect your possessions, the environment, and your wallet.

Packing up your home can be daunting, but with proper organization and a trusted moving company like Neighbors Moving & Storage, you can ensure that the process will not only be stress-free on you, but on the environment as well. Proper planning and organization go a long way. Neighbors Moving offers a free checklist to help you create a detailed inventory of your belongings. This will help you determine how many boxes you will realistically need to avoid waste.

Consider using larger boxes so you will need fewer. Also, instead of purchasing new boxes, borrow from friends and family. You can also ask your local retailers and supermarkets which days they receive shipments. They are often happy to give away spare boxes, which they usually crush anyway. And better yet, did you know that Neighbors Moving rents durable, professional-quality boxes? Renting boxes is a great option that can help keep your moving expenses at bay and curb excess.

Don’t overlook your other packing supplies—strive for recyclable and biodegradable when possible. There are an abundance of Eco-friendly products available that are made from 100% recycled materials, including corrugated cartons and bubble pack. You can even use some of your belongings to protect others. For example, wrapping your fragile items with your towels, sheets, or blankets, which need to be transported anyway. Your move can be both Eco-friendly and efficient. It just takes some creativity and conscience.

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