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Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage

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Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage shutterstock 171664301Whether you are getting ready for a move, have just finished moving, or just need to free up some space in your home, you may find yourself needing a storage unit at some point and time. Storage units are great but they can be a little expensive when you rent them for long periods of time. So when you do use them, you want to make sure you sue every square inch of space that you can and that you store your items in such a way that they will be safe and undamaged when you need them again. Following are some Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage:

  • Get all of the packing materialsthat you will need to store your items before you even begin packing things up. You will need things like packing paper, boxes or crates, moving blankets, old sheets, trash bags, moving pads, and tools that might be needed to dismantle appliances and furniture. This should be the first thing you do because without the right materials it is hard to properly prepare your items for storage.
  • One of the great tips to prepare your items for storage is to use stackable boxes as they will help you get more things packed into one space and will protect your items. Heavier items need to be in smaller boxes that can hold the weight better. Lighter items can be place sin bigger boxes because the weight load will not be too bad. Remember that heavier boxes need to be on the bottom so lighter boxes can be stacked on top without damaging anything.
  • When packing glassware, breakables, and china make sure that you use plenty of Prepare Your Items for Storage Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage shutterstock 171664304cushioning materials. You will want a soft layer at the bottom, top, and sides and also in between each breakable item. Make sure nothing heavy gets put on top of the fragile items because even if they are packed perfectly heavy items can still break and damage items.
  • Use drawers, shelves and other built in storage areas to fit even more into the storage unit. This is one of the most frequently overlooked tip of all the tips to prepare your items for storage. You can place things like pillows, toys, clothes, and other items in storage bags and put them in the drawers of the dresser or on the book shelves you are storing. It helps you fit in even more things and lets you maximize your storage space.

Keep bolts, screws, and hardware from disassembled furniture in zip lock bags and tape them to the appliance so you can find them easier when you unpack and try to reassemble the pieces. Along the same lines, the final and one of the best Tips to Prepare Your Items for Storage is to label every box so it is easier to find what you are looking for later on.

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