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Who to Notify When You Change Your Address

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The days leading up to moving day can sometimes be overwhelming. One of the many items on your to-do list is likely going to be filing for your change of address and making sure all necessary parties are notified. We’ve put together this guide to make sure you don’t overlook anyone when changing your address.

Get started by filling out a change of address form at your local post office about 30 days before your actual move. Then you can proceed through notifying the following groups:

•    Finance: You’ll need to deal with any checking accounts, savings accounts, IRA’s, home equity loans, lines of credit, mortgages, safe deposit boxes, auto loans, credit cards, and the like.
•    Personal Management Contacts: your stock broker, your tax accountant, your attorney, custodians of any retirement plans or investments, and the courts if you have any traffic tickets or an ongoing dispute.
•    Other important organizations: Social Security Administration of your new address, as well as the credit bureaus, your insurance providers, your cell phone company, and your local church if you are a member.
•    Medical providers: When you let your doctors, dentists, chiropractor, physical therapist, veterinarian and pharmacist know you are moving, make sure you get a copy of your records and a referral if possible.
•    Contacts for your children: If you have children, visit their schools and obtain certified copies of their transcripts. You’ll need these to register your children in their new schools. If you have a child in daycare, give the provider as much notice as possible and do the same for any regular babysitters.
•    Seasonal Service Providers: Make a list of any services you have signed up for that may be seasonal, such as: swimming pool maintenance, lawn care, snow removal or dog walkers. The same needs to be done for any memberships or organizations your family may belong to. This can include a gym, the YMCA, a soccer team, piano lessons etc.
•    Subscriptions: Make sure you remember to take care of any newspaper or magazine subscriptions.

Most everyone else you need to notify can be done by telephone or the Internet.

And, of course, don’t forget in the madness of moving to let your friends and family members know your new address!

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